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Ballarat Cleaning Service

Ballarat Cleaning Service


Many different circumstances can bring people to need the services of a cleaner. Make sure you pick the best cleaner for you and your business. Ballarat Cleaning service is a professional organization that values your business and delivers results without the big price tag attached. Whether your commercial space requires a thorough cleaning, or your residential home is in need of a periodic clean call Ballarat Cleaning service for a fast and free quote. We will come and assess your needs to be able to give you a reasonable and accurate quote.

About Us

Ballarat Cleaning Service has been committed to servicing our community for years. We use environmentally conscious products and deliver a satisfaction guaranteed result for your cleaning needs. Ballarat is a growing community and we have been with the members of this community since our birth as a company. Our family founded Ballarat Cleaning service with the intent to create a reliable and honest company in Australia’s highlands. We love our staff and our customers and create real, and honest partnerships with Ballarat’s residents.


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Our Services

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Enjoy the time that you can with your family and loved ones. Let us take on the periodic cleans required to keep your home in its best shape. We have multiple services that give you the freedom to spend your time where it is most meaningful. Our services include but are not limited to; carpet cleaning, recurring cleaning, commercial cleaning, end of lease and window cleaning. Our company believes in using state of the art tools and environmentally conscious products to keep your home and family safe. Call today to inquire regarding any alternate services that might not be listed.

Carpet Cleaning
Commercial Cleaning
Recurring Cleaning Service

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning can be conducted in several various methods. Our team will assess the state of your carpet and be able to decipher which method will be most successful for the needs at hand. Shampooing the carpet ensures the carpet fibers are free from dust and debris that lodges itself within the material. Rotating brushes will release the dirt from the material leaving the carpet free of allergens. Along with carpet cleaning, our team is able to spot treat your rug and treat urine stains that may be present. Although we are not able to promise complete stain removal our systems are advanced and have shown outstanding results.

Recurring Cleaning Service

Keeping the animal dander and hair in your home minimal is beneficial as allergens can harm family and guests. Keeping a recurring cleaning service for your commercial or residential building will minimize the amount of dust and mildew able to accumulate. We are able to tackle hard to reach places and create a safe and comfortable home with recurring cleaning services. This service is perfect for any person who may have mobility struggles but is comfortable in their home. We are able to take the worry away and clean on a regular basis.

Commercial Cleaning

Your commercial building is bringing in business. Make sure your customers; clients or employees have a safe and clean place to enter. Commercial cleanings can be scheduled for recurring days weekly or monthly. Our commercial cleaning services have helped Ballarat’s business owners put their best foot forward with impeccable cleaning results.

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End of Lease Cleaning
Window Cleaning
Regular House Ceaning

End Of Lease Cleaning

We all move. Make sure that once you vacate your property you are able to retain the damage deposit you have put down at the beginning of your lease. We are here to take one stressful aspect of moving out of the equation. For minimal expense, you are able to reclaim your day and enjoy the process of setting up your new abode. Leave the cleaning to the experts at Ballarat Cleaning Service.

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning should be completed on a periodic schedule. Window cleaning does not have to be part of a regular cleaning visit and can be scheduled separately. Window cleaning requires the proper tools as to minimize any potential for danger. Call today for more information on window cleaning on residential or commercial buildings.

Regular House Cleaning

House cleaning can be exhaustive as it takes time and muscle memory. Our job at Ballarat Cleaning Services is to take this task off of your hand and give you back your time. Consulting with our clients gives a sense of the cleaning needs and voids that our customers are looking to fill. From this our skilled team is able to assess the area and deep cleans areas that are of need. Our regular house cleaning prices vary from space to space and will be quoted post consultation.

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Contact Us Today

Being aligned with our clients is of high importance to us. We provide high level-cleaning services for the community of Ballarat and use high level products on all cleans. We are confidant that our techniques are tried and true and that our high level customer experience team will provide an exceptional experience for you too. Join our ever growing list of happy clients and let us show you why Ballarat Cleaning Services are number one.

“I hate saying that I need help. But the team at Ballarat Cleaning Services was amazing. They got that I am a busy mom and on the go. I never felt judged and loved the service.” Mariam M.

“My mother lives in Ballarat but is not able to clean the house as thoroughly as might be needed. I contacted the team to see if they could do a periodic deep clean of areas mum may not be able to reach. They were awesome, and my mum loved the lady and gent who showed up. Will use again.”  Benjamin J.

“I run a small commercial space and have a heck of a time getting cleaners who do a thorough enough job. Prior companies especially have neglected the toilets, but I gave Ballarat Cleaning Services a call and they did a great job. I have scheduled a set weekly clean. Looking forward to the next visits.” John H.